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Looking for Ackerman Security Reviews?

Read about Ackerman Systems Below.

Ackerman Security Reviews – Summary:

Pros –> Longtime reputation in local areas.
Cons –> Custom security systems only, little pricing information online.

Ackerman Security Systems was founded in 1967, serving the metro Atlanta area. Currently it also serves the Washington DC metro area. The company prides itself on several firsts in the industry, such as being the first security company to install yard signs as well as being the first to receive UL-certification for residential installation, which has since become the standard for security providers across the industry. One great advantage to Ackerman Security Systems is that the customer chooses the contract length, instead of being saddled with a two-to-five year agreement period out of which the customer must buy him or herself in order to cancel.

Ackerman Security Reviews – Devices:

Devices used by Ackerman Security Systems in their security system designs include remote controls, keypads, fire detectors, motion detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, remote services, and glass-break sensors.

As with other security companies, the choice of devices depends upon which structure is favored: custom security systems or base security packages bolstered by an optional series of add-on devices. Ackerman Security Systems offers the custom option. Unlike other security companies, though, they list their criteria for customization, which is helpful for customers looking for a difference between security options. Budget, prime security goal, vulnerable areas of the home, and the preference of home or away protection are just some of the main considerations ASS makes when it comes time to design a customer’s security system.

Ackerman Security Reviews – Monitoring:

Ackerman Security Systems is rated Five Diamond by the Central Station Monitoring Association, in addition to being Ul-Certified. While the latter is common amongst security companies, the former is not — Brinks, CPI and ADT are not Five Diamond certified. The base price of monitoring with ASS is $18.95, though the pricing for options such as fire and carbon dioxide monitoring are not listed online.

In addition to the standard central monitoring functions of dispatching proper emergency personnel after confirming an intrusion, Ackerman Security Systems offers medical and fire monitoring, monitoring of duress or a hostage situation, a latch key for homes with children, as well as radio back-up monitoring in the case telephone lines become compromised. Also, unlike many security companies, ASS offers no charge to switch to monitoring once declining it; the ability to monitoring already existing — not just new — security systems; and a $500 insurance deductible program.

Ackerman Security Reviews – Support:

Ackerman Security Systems has a Knowledge Center on its website to educate customers. Here customers can send questions to experts, watch information videos on devices, consult device user manuals, register an alarm system and review special promotions offered by ASS. The FAQ in this portion of the website contains only eight questions, covering passive infrared motion detectors

Ackerman Security Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

Ackerman Security Reviews, 7.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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