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7 thoughts on “Security Company Reviews

  1. Who is the leading home exterior security company. I would like to secure the perimeter of my property with equipment which can record intruders.

    • Lisa – most of the security companies are going to want you to sign a monitoring agreement for cameras. So if you dont want to pay a monthly
      fee, then pick up a camera package at Sam’s Club or Best Buy and have an electrician install it.

      If you are ok with a monthly fee you will find that nearly all of the companies offer cameras but require you to have a security system in
      place already. You might first try your current provider and see what options you have there.

      For other solutions – I really like Videofied. They make a nice motion activated solution. Check their website at

    • Carolyn – We have not reviewed them but plan to shortly. They are similar to Monitronics in that they are a monitoring company. They service home owners through a national network of local dealers. So we would recommend contacting them directly to find a local dealer near you. Or if you want to send us the name of the local dealer that might have engaged you, we can take a look at offer some perspective.

  2. Hi I had a company stop by my house trying to sell their security system, they are called Vault Security LLC. When I look for reviews I find none, have you heard of them and how would you rate them.

    • Dan – We have never heard of them specifically, however from their website they appear to be a local Monitronics dealer. The nice thing is that their technology is great. The 2GIG system is excellent. They also have access which is a strong plus.

      They will most likely sell your account to Monitronics so even if you have a bad experience, you wont be with them long. Working with local dealers can be amazing or a disaster. It all boils down to your comfort level with them and the deal itself.

      It is the same control panel that Vivint sells so they would be a comparable. If you decide to go with a national provider, we like Protect America because they have an amazing interactive monitoring system and affordable monthly rates.

      I hope that helps and good luck.