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Looking for Guardian Protection Services Reviews?

Read about Guardian Protection Services Below.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews – Summary:

Pros –>Home security assessment and installation, flexible with older hardware.
Cons –>Services are expensive.

Guardian Protection Services provides security solutions for already existing homes as well as new constructions. Usually, wireless devices are better-suited for pre-existing structures, and new constructions more easily accommodate wired devices, though the choice is largely based on personal preference.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews – Devices:

Guardian Protection Services offers five home security packages: Basic, Essential, Plus, Premium and emPower. All packages include a tailored home security system as well as its installation. The Essential package as remote management ability, a lifetime warranty, digital cellular communication, weather to the panel, smartphone/computer notifications, smash-and-crash protection, geo-service, as well as the optional life look-in video security cameras or motion-sensing still shot security cameras. The Plus package adds Guardian VoiceLink and a severe weather alert to the home security system. Furthermore, the Premium package includes Always On Guard Tracking. The emPower package refers to empowering homeowners with home automation, giving them the ability to remotely control locks, lights and thermostats.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews – Monitoring:

Guardian Protection Services provides monitoring from its central station, staffed by highly trained dispatchers ready 24/7 year-round. Dispatchers always remain on alert for threats to a home via intrusion, medial, fire, flood or freeze. Control panels offered by Guardian Protection Services are all two-way, in order to allow confirmation of emergencies in homes in order to avoid a false alarm. Every police department determines a minimum number of allowable false alarms; after a homeowner exceeds the minimum, fines are assessed.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews – Support:

The Security Networks website has a Customer Care Center. Included are added value certificates for customers, such as the WeatherNet certificate and Lifetime Service Warranty Program certificate. In this area of the website customers can also conveniently pay their bill, read up-to-date bulletins, and view current promotions as well as owner and user manuals. Furthermore, customers may use the Household Inventory Calculator to total the net worth of the assets contained in the home. When updated annually relative to inflation, everything one owns can be insured against loss in fire, burglary or flood. A free 90-day IDnet trial is also available at Security Networks’ Customer Care Center, for those interested in identity theft protection.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews, 9.0 out of 10 based on 38 ratings

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