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Looking for Monitronics Security Reviews?

Read about Monitronics Below.

Monitronics Security Reviews – Summary:

Pros -> Low cost systems due to breadth of available equipment

Cons -> The company only distributes through local authorized dealers

The security provider Monitronics has nearly twenty years experience in residential security, founded in 1994 in Dallas, Texas. Monitronics uses cellular monitoring technology created by to provide its customers interactive service. The company claims the following to differentiate itself from competitors: response times under thirty seconds on average, a lifetime service guarantee while under contract, and 97% of calls to customer support handled without requiring a second call.

Monitronics Security Reviews – Devices:

Monitronics constructs its home security package based on the needs of either single families, seniors and families with children. The vast majority of home security providers do not categorize based on family type, but instead offer basic packages which can be enhanced to suit any type of family. Of course, Monitronics home security packages can be customized as well. Homeowners simply consult their local Monitronics authorized seller to receive a free home security consultation, during which qualified staff of Monitronics will suggest appropriate security devices. The downside to authorized dealers is that pricing, service and products may vary from location to location. Each is a franchise and prepares its own contracts, Monitronics does not set universal rules from its corporate headquarters.

Monitronics Security Reviews – Monitoring:

Monitronics currently has a customer base of 700,000, the security systems of which many are monitored by the company 24/7 year-round. Monitronics uses two-way voice control panels in its security systems to ensure people inside a home during an emergency can communicate with the staff at Monitronics’ secure central station.

Monitronics Reviews – Support:

Unfortunately Monitronics has received complaints about its support due to its structure of authorized dealers. Customers are entirely dependent upon their authorized dealers for support and service. The main telephone line for Monitronics is in fact primarily for new customers needing to speed to salespeople. Most security provider competitors do not use a network of authorized dealers. Another aspect of consistency in the security industry has to do with moving. Customers will move, and a national security company should be able to accommodate such moves; many, in fact, provide free relocation services to their customers as a convenience and thank you for loyalty. As a result, when customers of Monitronics want to move they may be subject to different contractual obligations at their new residence if it takes them out of range of their current local authorized Monitronics dealer. In an attempt to balance this possible problem for customers, the company does offer free installation and activation, as well as twenty-five percent off all upgrades at the new residence.

Monitronics Security Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

Monitronics Security Reviews, 3.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

3 thoughts on “Monitronics Security Reviews

  1. Last April, I fell ”victim” to Visions Security when they lied to me about my contract with Monitronics and convinced me to let them change to their system. Monitronics called to ask why I changed, and when I told them, they explained to me what had happened. You had a technician come and install a new touch screen to replace the old one. Visions had installed NOTHING — just fiddled with some wires. I had the bank stop payments to Visions, but they are still calling and threatening me. Now they are saying that they are going to come and take their equipment out of my house and I will have my service cut off. Well, I know that it isn’t their equipment, but is there any way they can interrupt my service by Monitronics?

    • Elaine – Monitronics operates through a nationwide network of dealers. So basically they are just the monitoring company. I have never heard of Visions Security so i would first check and see if they are indeed a Monitronics dealer.

      You should read your agreement. I would expect that they do in fact own the equipment while you are under a monitoring agreement. The system isnt actually “free” they just embed the payments in the monthly monitoring.

      So if Visions installed the equipment, then they have the right to terminate service and ask for the equipment back.

  2. I’ve had Monitronics for almost three years. I have had no problems so far. In fact any time I had one inccident when my alarm went of at night ( set off by my wife,) I got a phone call in less than two minutes asking if things were ok, and my pass word, to verify I was the residence.
    I plan on moving soon, and they will send me a new system at no charge. there med alert system works great as I set it off accidentely, and they were contacting me to ask if I was al alright.. over the controler


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