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Protect America Security ReviewsProtect America is a well-known and respected security provider best known for their Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wireless alarm systems. They have been around for over 20 years and their offering would be best characterized as “affordable yet reliable”. The company was one of the first to convert from wired to wireless security systems which is what made DIY systems even attractive to home and business owners.

Protect America Security Reviews, 4.6 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

The Pros

Loyalty and Longevity:

According to SDM Magazine, Protect America has ranked in the Top 10 in volume of residential security system installations for the last three years. They have been in the home security space for over 20 years and currently protect a half a million homes. As for loyalty, the average customer stays with the company for approximately 9 years.


They offer more equipment for free than any other security company that we tested. Their basic security system, a GE Simon XT, is provided free with a standard 3 year monitoring contract. Each security package includes up to 15 door/window sensors, a motion detector, 3 window stickers, and a yard sign.

Products and Packages

Protect America offers a little of everything in their many packages. Every customer has a package just right for their situation. Customers are sure to save money with a very easy DIY installation process, no up front cost, and a low monthly monitoring fee.

The Cons

BBB Ranking

Protect America holds a B- rating on the BBB. Of the 469 complaints in the last three years, over 70% of those complaints deal with billing. However, in recent years many users have reported back to us that this has vastly improved. 


Protect America requires customers to sign a 3 year contract however, that is common across most of the industry. They also make it available to sign online so make sure you are close to a computer if you are signing up with Protect America.

Self-Installation Solution

A self installation solution can initially seem intimidating. However, by incorporating a cellular phone connection as well as wireless access to sensors - it really is not that difficut of an installation. They also now offer a technician available over the phone that can walk you through every step of the process. 


Pricing and Packages

Copper Package

Free - 3 Door/Window Sensors


Bronze Package

Free - 7 Door/Window Sensors


Silver Package

Free - 10 Door/Window Sensors


Gold Package

Free - 12 Door/Window Sensors


Platinum Package

Free - 15 Door/Window Sensors


Our Criteria

Our Ranking

Mobile Experience 10
Time in Business 10
Warranty Program 8
Contract Length 8
BBB Rating 7
Company Strength 10
Installation Fee 8
Homeowner Feedback 8
Monthly Monitoring 10
Hardware & Equipment 10

Final Ranking


See It in Action

We thought this was a pretty good video that shows you the product in action. You can see that since it is wireless and cellular, it is not that complicated to install. 

The Bottom Line: Protect America Security Reviews

Since 2008 Protect America has earned Consumer’s Digest Best Buy rating and is picked by most reviewers as the number one company in America. is no different, we have Protect America at the top of our list and it will remain here until a company can offer the same service and products.

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5 thoughts on “Protect America Security Reviews

  1. I like Protect America. I’ve been a customer for a long time and when my contract was finally up, I thought I would shop for a better deal. With Protect America, I was treated like a new customer. Ideally I would have liked a shorter term contract but since so much of the system was free upfront, I can understand the payback. I have found them to care and quickly to resolve any problems. Overall, I am pleased with their products and service.

  2. They sure provide a lot of product for the price. Has anyone used them before? Also I am not that confident in my self-install skills…is it as easy as they say?

  3. This company rocks!! My girlfriend came over the other day however, I forgot to turn off the alarm. By the time I could jump up and enter my code, the alarm company had already called my cell phone to see if I was ok. I have been very impressed not only with how easy it was to install, but their service.

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  5. DO NOT DO IT! They do not offer the protection they promise and the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. They lie, manipulate and ignore you. Just don’t do it, it’s not worth it.


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