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Looking for SimpliSafe Alarm Reviews?

Stay Simply Safe with our SimpliSafe Alarm Reviews Below

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey, SimpliSafe has created a system where affordability meets versatility. The DIY packages are tops with minimum negative feedback. They offer what the alarm industry has struggled to provide, a no “fine print” guarantee.

SimpliSafe Alarm Reviews, 3.9 out of 10 based on 23 ratings

The Good

Affordable packages:

From apartments to large homes, SimpliSafe offers three packages suited to customer needs.  They do not gouge customers will hidden costs or lock them into lengthy contracts.  SimpliSafe offers a 60 day money back guarantee.  Unlike other companies, customers are not locked into a contract and can terminate service at any time.  With a low monitoring fee, no activation fees, and no installation fees, SimpliSafe puts quality first without emptying the pocket book. 


SimpliSafe is cellular based with no need for a landline phone.  This allows customers to monitor their home from anywhere in the world.  In addition, their systems are wireless so customers can add future sensors without concern of running wires.

DIY installation

SimpliSafe advertises the ease of installation by claiming within minutes their system can be up and running.  Their 5-minute video is quick, to the point, and lays out the installation process carefully.  Their system comes pre-programmed which certainly aids in the process.


The Bad

Customer reviews

Reviews are mixed regarding their equipment, service, and reliability.  Negative reviews mostly revolve around cell reception, sensor location, and false alarms.  

Cell reception

Since they are essentially cellular based, customers must have good cell reception in their areas.  They partnered with T-mobile and claim they can service 96% of Americans.  Prior to purchase, it is advisable to double check to make sure your signal is a reliable resource for their system.

Product durability

The system as a whole seems pretty bare bones. Unlike other companies, their sensors are large and seem less durable.  The large sensors can go both ways as they may serve as a deterrent but also may be an eye sore. The base also is pretty exposed and could easily get damaged in a busy household.


Pricing and Packages

Starter Package

  • $229.96
  • $14.99 Monthly Fee
  • No activation fee
  • No installation fee
  • Free Cell Link

Plus Package

  • $259.95
  • $14.99 Monthly Fee
  • No activation fee
  • No installation fee
  • Free Cell Link

Deluxe Package

  • $749.90
  • $14.99 Monthly Fee
  • No activation fee
  • No installation fee
  • Free Cell Link

Our Criteria

Our Ranking

Mobile Experience 7
Time in Business 3
Warranty Program 8
Contract Length 9
BBB Rating 9
Company Strength 5
Installation Fee 9
Homeowner Feedback 6
Monthly Monitoring 7
Hardware & Equipment 7

Final Ranking


See It in Action

We thought this was a pretty good home made video someone posted that lets you see it in action. It is pretty long but it shows you nearly everything there is to see from a users perspective. 

The Bottom Line: SimpliSafe Reviews

SimpliSafe has a lot going for it, making it a top competitor in the alarm service industry.  Although they have only been in business for 6 years, they are moving in the right direction.  Their offerings are unlike many other companies as they do not pressure customers into lengthy contracts, cancellation fees, and low monthly monitoring fee.  There are a few concerns with the durability of the equipment, but as the company progresses so will their products.  SimpliSafe appears to be doing the right thing by providing a good product at a great price.   

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