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Find Gaylord ADT Security Reviews!
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Gaylord ADT Security Reviews – Summary:

Gaylord ADT Security Reviews
Gaylord Security is located in Kent, WA and is an ADT authorized dealer. Their systems are considered to be of the highest quality, and the technology is at the top of the industry. With the ADT brand, they genuinely strive to provide the resources that can put you at ease. But to look at Gaylord Security, you must first look at ADT.

Although ADT is the largest and oldest security company in the United States, this alone should not be your main decided factor. The products and services meeting your specific needs must be the first consideration. Like ADT, Gaylord Security offers several different packages that strive to meet these needs.

ADT Home Security Reviews: Overview

ADT is the largest home security provider in the United States, and as a result has quite a reputation. However, a home security provider should be chosen according to the alignment between a consumer’s needs and the offered services and products — not the size or age of the company.

Gaylord ADT Security Reviews: Summary

Provides a quality product with advanced technology.
Reading the fine print is a prerequisite. The $36.99 per month price tag comes with a locked in 3 year contract.

Gaylord ADT Security Reviews: Introduction

Gaylord Security offers three different packages and all come with a control panel, touchpad, window and door sensors, motion detectors and an indoor siren.

The Complete Package comes with 24/7 monitoring through a landline phone. In the event of an emergency, a signal transmits directly to the ADT monitoring center. According to their website the following is included in this package:

  • ADT Monitoring
  • Digital Keypad
  • Entry Door Contact Sensors
  • Keychain Remote
  • Pet Sensitive Motion Detector
  • High-Decibel Alarm
  • Backup Battery
  • Yard Sign & Window Decals

Advertised as their most popular package is the Home Security System with Two-way Voice. With this system, any family member can reach an ADT monitoring center from ALMOST any room in the house. The control panel acts as an intercom and has direct access to an ADT dispatcher. According to their website, this package includes everything in the first package plus Two-Way Voice Capability.

Their third system is the ADT Home Security plus CellGuardĀ® Technology. This package has everything the others provide, but this utilizes cellular transmission to an ADT dispatcher.

Gaylord ADT Security Reviews: Better Business Bureau

Although Gaylord Security corporate is not an accredited business with the BBB, they have several locations that are and they maintain an A+ rating. They are highly ranked among companies of similar size. In the past 36 months, the BBB received 8 complaints and all were closed. What is interesting is that the same complaint continues to loom, THE FINE PRINT. Across the board complaints continue to pour in about what is not told to the customer during the purchase. Keep in mind, that in the past 36 months, ADT has received over 4000 different complaints.

Gaylord ADT Security Reviews: The Verdict

When the fine print is dissected and understood, Gaylord Security has the ability to supply great service at an affordable rate. Prior to making a decision you must first educate yourself on all area security firms before going with a giant.

Of their three options, both have good and bad. I would prefer CellGuard Technology because our desire to carry a phone with us 24/7. But on the other hand, and most importantly, you never know when an intruder will appear, or an emergency can occur, therefore, I prefer Two-way Voice if installed in EVERY room. ADT is a marque brand and sells more home security systems than most other companies combined. Their Pulse product also shows a lot of promise and is definitely worth taking a look.


OR Call (877) 568-1409

Gaylord ADT Security Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews

Gaylord ADT Security Reviews, 3.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

2 thoughts on “Gaylord ADT Security Reviews

  1. Thank you Gaylord,We wish we had gotten or system before being robbed. Your installer was very friendly and explained the ins and outs of the system. And the staff that we have dealt with in the Kent office have been GREAT.My wife and I feel much better with the system we had installed,makes it easier to leave the house and not worry about things.And we can say the unit works well my wife pushed a wrong code and within what seemed like seconds the phone was ringing to make sure everything was ok. Thanks Gaylord for the peace of mind and yes I tell everyone I know how happy we are.

  2. We had Gaylord Security Systems install our ADT system and the service was very fast, easy to schedule and we had no issues with set up. We had them come out a second time to re-wire a door that was remodeled and experience the same great level of service.


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