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Looking for Vector Security Reviews?

Read about Vector Security Below.

Vector Security Reviews – Summary:

Pros –> High quality learning center for customers.

Cons –> Must buy out contract when canceling.

Vector is a mid-sized security company, which offers standard home security. However, the company website and catalogues provide only outlines and bullet points of information on their products and services. Rather than offering packages with add-ons, Vector Security sends a professional consultant to one’s home to determine security threats and design a suitable security package. The mission statement of the company relies heavily on the idea of tailoring security for each customer instead of using a cookie-cutter package. However, Vector doesn’t offer much outside the standard security, as all competitor packages can be customized with add-ons which can easily be installed oneself; it’s simply a matter of preference, if the labor of installing a security system is worth purchasing.

Vector Security Reviews – Devices:

Vector Security Inc. offers door and window intrusion sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flood and freeze sensors, standard control panels, key fobs, outdoor signs and window decals for greater deterrence and video surveillance equipment.

Vector Security Reviews – Monitoring:

Vector Security offers standard monitoring services from their monitoring station. The company cites the following as proof of its quality monitoring services: calls are not outsourced to other security monitoring providers; power supplies have multiple backups to ensure continuous service during emergencies anytime of the year; each alarm is verified as needing assistance or not, ensuring police, fire and medical personnel do not respond to false alarms, as well as ensuring homeowners don’t pay fines for wasting public services.

Operators at Vector Security are experienced and highly trained to perform functions with the greatest efficiency. After all, when an emergency is taking place a difference of minutes often determines the severity of the situation. Unfortunately online Vector only provides the basic information for their monitoring services, which reads like the basic information issued by most home security providers. Customers must call, email or chat with Vector Security representatives if interested in increasing the amount of services desired.

Vector Security Reviews – Support:

Vector Security provides its customers with a thorough home security learning center online, including home safety tips, FAQs, user manuals for security system devices, brochures for home security overviews and vector security capabilities, as well as solution sheets for mobile solutions, video surveillance and monitoring burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Many home security providers do not provide as detailed and well thought out information for their residential customer base. User manuals on the Vector Security website include those for Ademco, Bosch, DSC, ETZ, First Alert, GE, Honeywell, LAX and NAPCO security systems. The FAQ section outlines the differences between burglary protection, fire protection, medical alert protection, carbon monoxide protection, video surveillance, as well as homeowner insurance discount information including the certificate required by insurance companies for a discount up to 20%.

Vector Security Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

Vector Security Reviews, 9.6 out of 10 based on 78 ratings

One thought on “Vector Security Reviews

  1. Vector Security seemed like the way to go until we realized they screwed up our contract and made my Wife’s grandmother responsible for our account. As I spoke to the sales man, We told him our grandmother used Vector in her home and he then offered us and her 3 free months of monitoring if my Wife’s grandmother co-signed for us, we all agreed. We have yet to see a bill (we were installed Dec 2012). We just received notice from my Wife’s grandmother that her bill has more than doubled. After looking into it, she is being billed for our service. After calling into Vector Billing, we were told that my wife’s grandmother is the contract holder for our account… not the co-signer. Thinking back on the conversations I had with the sales man for Vector, I remember him telling us that if we signed with him before the first of the year, then he would meet his quota for the year. This is all telling me that he set it up this way to insure his bonus. This is not how good business should be done and I recommend that anyone looking for a security system for their home to look somewhere else.


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