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Looking for Protection 1 Security Reviews?

Read about Protection 1 Below.

Protection 1 Security Reviews – Summary:

Pros –> Monitoring service does not require a landline.

Cons –> Difficult to learn details about products.

Protection 1 is a leading security provider with a good track record, but it lacks information for customers. At times their website is difficult to navigate. Information for customer and tech support, in addition to the FAQs could be increased. The company cites its perfect Better Business Bureau rating and 95.6% customer satisfaction score as proof of the quality of its customer service. Further cited to differentiate Protection 1 from competition is the potential to save up to 20% on homeowners insurance as well as the experience of Protection 1 in the area of home monitoring. While most security companies offer 20% off for qualified customers, Protection 1 does in fact have unique experience. 4,000 independent security companies around the United States outsource their monitoring business to Protection 1’s network of secure monitoring centers. 

Protection 1 Security Reviews – Devices:

Protection 1 home security packages include control panels, either keypad or touchscreen, three entry sensors, indoor sirens, yard signs and window decals, a backup power supply device, motion detectors including pet-proof models in order to prevent false alarms. Packages are grouped in tiers based on a customers basic needs: Basic Home Security, Digital Home Security, Digital & Energy, Digital & Video, and Digital & Energy & Video.

The Basic Home Security package, starting at $24.99 with a three-year contract, includes professional UL-listed monitoring, installation by background certified Protection 1 employees, three intrusion sensors, one motion detector and one keychain remote, as well as a color touchscreen keypad with two-way voice functionality. Many control panels are simply one-way and thus do not allow a homeowner in need, such as an injured senior, the ability to speak to personnel monitoring their security system.

The Digital Home Security package upgrades users to the extended service plan, includes smash protection, wi-fi compatibility, eSecure web and mobile control, as well as a five-day weather forecast, text and email notifications to an internet-compatible device, and web alarm/event history. The extended service plan is important to consider with Protection 1, because without it service fees tend to be expensive.

The Digital Energy package includes Z-wave automation for home devices and appliances, including the thermostat, though additional equipment is required and Protection 1 does not specify. Digital & Video includes video surveillance, while the Digital & Energy & Video makes up total home automation.

Protection 1 Security Reviews – Monitoring:

Protection 1 owns a network of secure central monitoring stations located across the United States — 65 offices and 600 employees, in addition to central monitoring stations in California, Texas, Kansas, Maryland and Florida. These five monitoring stations are UL-listed as well as interconnected. Triple redundancy systems at each ensure when an emergency occurs and a signal is emitted from a home security device, that a qualified member of Protection 1’s staff will dispatch the proper emergency personnel immediately. In fact, Protection 1 claims the fastest response time in the industry, with the average wait under 10 seconds

Protection 1 Reviews – Support:

Protection 1 considers informed customers a priority, and as a result does a thorough job providing educational literature and other resources. One very important piece of information that many security providers do not make available to their customers is digital user manuals for reference any time. However, Protection 1 provides user manuals online for all of its devices include Lynx Touch control panel, Vista security systems, DSC systems, Napco Systems as well as P1 security systems.

Further, Protection 1 provides a fifteen-point checklist to avoid false alarms. False alarms, if they accrue past the threshold identified by local ordinances, result in fines that can amount to hundreds of dollars. The most prominent causes of false alarms Protection 1 identifies are unlocked entry points, guests unaware of the security system, pets, user error, equipment malfunction and objects in the home capable of movement, such as a balloon near a ceiling fan. Protection 1 also provides a FAQ list for general, billing and technical questions, customer service support line, simply request forms for same-day service from a highly qualified technician, alarm system transfers (with potential re-installation credits up to $150.00), system upgrades, updating emergency contacts, or order additional yard signs or window decals.

Protection 1 Security Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

Protection 1 Security Reviews, 4.1 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  1. Protection One is one of the best I have seen. Not sure why there were not ranked but their offering is really strong.


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