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FrontPoint Security Reviews – Overview:

frontpoint security reviewsFrontPoint Security ReviewsFrontPoint offers a compelling, do-it-yourself (DIY) solution that uses wireless sensors and cellular transmission. FrontPoint Security is a great company to work with. They really care about making sure each customer has the best possible solution to protect their family and home. They are a technical leader and do an amazing job at educating consumers on home protection as a whole. They have quickly become a major player and definitely worth considering.

FrontPoint Security Reviews – Overview:

FrontPoint Security is a new security provider off to a strong start. The provider was well-designed and properly planned in order to overcome the problems that hindered other new security companies. FrontPoint Security offers basic, intermediate and advanced levels of service, referred to as Protection Monitoring, Interactive Monitoring and Ultimate Monitoring. Protection Monitoring is a traditional monitoring solution, while the popular Interactive Monitoring package provides a better overall experience and the Ultimate Monitoring package provides maximum protection.

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Regular Protection Monitoring aims to cover all major emergencies that could occur in a home or business. Intrusion monitoring involves personnel responding to either a door or window intrusion by verifying its authenticity and dispatching proper emergency services.

Interactive Monitoring is the mid-level package offered by FrontPoint Security, distinguished from the base package by a number of additional features including lighting automation, crash and smash protection, instant alerts and remote access. Automated lighting provides control over lights in your home or business, as well as small appliances. Both may be accessed via computer or cell phone, or may be placed on a schedule to deter criminals when you’re away. However, if a break-in occurs it may be too quick and focused to provide police adequate response time. In these cases, particularly when a thief is after a single high-ticket item, an advanced signal is sent to authorities allowing them to prepare for dispatch. Finally, the most important features of the Interactive Monitoring package are those that give it its name. Instant messages and remote access keep you in sync with your security systems at all times, from your phone or computer.

The Ultimate Protection package from FrontPoint Security comes with two substantial additions. Like Interactive Monitoring, the Ultimate Protection package increases your level of interaction with your security system.

FrontPoint lets you access your system through your smart phone.

Instead of simply being able to monitor alarms and sensors, with Ultimate Protection you can install and monitor any time day or night wireless video surveillance. Powered by motion detectors, cameras start filming when a disturbance is detected. Clips are then transmitted to your computer or cell phone via email or MMS.

Although a young company in the security industry, FrontPoint Security has learned well and built upon the achievements of security companies which came before it. FrontPoint Security offers a wide variety of equipment to secure your home or business, with the added bonus of extensive educational and instructional material with which to back it up. To get unadvertised promotions for FrontPoint, call (855) 314-4071.

A Special Comment from the Moderator:

There is a lot of debate as to the difficulty of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution. FrontPoint has a pretty good video that briefly explains how their system works. We found it informative and perhaps you will to. Worth a watch before signing anything.

From FrointPoint’s Website:

Security is the only alarm company in the US or Canada with safer 100% cellular monitoring – no phone line needed, and none for an intruder to cut. We’re also the recognized leaders in interactive monitoring services and home automation, offering the advanced features (including emPower) for remote control, notifications, video, and even remote control of locks, lights, and thermostats. FrontPoint Security also has the best online reviews of any alarm company you can find – without the negative news. These systems are safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable – and virtually impossible to defeat, thanks to’s Crash and Smash protection feature. Using 100% wireless GE alarm equipment, FrontPoint Security is’s preferred partner for easy set-up home and business protection all across the US and Canada. That’s the “simpler” part of the FrontPoint offering: you can add any device at any time, and even move the system with you, from one home to the next. And, FrontPoint Security even has a solution for renters, who usually cannot get a system from the “big” old-school alarm companies. (FrontPoint’s Website)

FrontPoint Security Rankings

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FrontPoint Security Reviews, 6.2 out of 10 based on 19 ratings

8 thoughts on “FrontPoint Security Reviews

  1. The Police Department in the town where I live sends out email alerts to residents on everything from road closings, power outages, town happenings, etc. It’s great! Well, I recently got an email alert suggesting things I could do to prevent burglaries, and I have noticed that home intrusions are on the rise all over the place. So, I thought it would be a good idea to check into a home security system.

    The first thing that popped into my head was contractor / installation / running wires, etc. But being an IT professional, I decided to focus my search on wireless solutions (if such a thing existed). Well I found out, it does. And, the name that kept showing up first, occasionally second, in almost every review was FrontPoint security. There were a couple of other consistently top companies, but one didn’t have the full wireless / cellular solution unless you specifically asked, and the other had seemingly comprehensive packages but as I learned more about my specific needs, they weren’t as comprehensive as all that (read on).

    After doing my research, I decided to give them a call to see what the ordering / installation procedure was. I was very surprised to learn that I wouldn’t have to be home to allow a contractor in to install the equipment, I’d be doing it myself. Now I’m a pretty handy person, but I have a strong aversion to work around my house. Therefore, I was skeptical when they said it would be easy. In short, my skepticism was unfounded.

    The phone call was extremely productive. The salesperson I spoke with really put me with all the sensors I needed to get my house buttoned up. When I say NEEDED, I mean he didn’t take advantage of my ignorance with home security to sell me a sensor for every little thing. As a matter of fact two doors, and three motion detectors was all he recommended for my house. I later requested a garage door sensor, 2 lamp control units, and heat / smoke detector myself; and I’m seriously considering adding a water detector and CO units later on.

    The package was delivered to my house a couple of days later. Everything was in great shape, and the instructions were really well laid out. Installation of all the sensors took about 30 minutes, and fifteen minutes later with a phone call to FP the system was up and running A-OK.

    Worth mentioning:

    The website is terrific … just by clicking on your info the website will tell you all the features you’re not taking advantage of and direct you on activating them.

    The mobile app (Android for me) is also a huge plus. It allows you to check status, arm/disarm the system remotely, check event history, and control the lights (provided you have lamp control units installed).

    Customer Service: Really, REALLY good. I’ve made several phone calls asking questions and such. Never did I feel like I asked too much. They’re just extremely nice and accommodating.

    This is a great company/service and I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

  2. I’ve been with FrontPoint for a year now and I’m not sure how I’ve neglected to write a review but I would highly recommend them if you’re shopping for home security systems. The initial equipment cost added up quickly for our small townhome even though we decided not to use any motion sensors or video cameras. However, knowing that we would own the equipment and could take it with us (on top of stellar reviews) convinced me that it was worth getting the $300 discount in exchange for a 3 year agreement.

    In my opinion the best thing about FrontPoint is their customer service. We previously had ADT and that company really isn’t interested in anything but selling you equipment and monitoring. I haven’t had to call FrontPoint customer service much but every time I have had to do so they are very helpful, knowledgeable and customer service oriented which is a refreshing change from ADT. In some cases the representative answering the phone did not have the information or knowledge to assist but clearly indicated so and arranged a call back from the appropriate person. From what I recall that has generally only happened with issues with my ZWave thermostat and, to be fair, I selected a Honeywell thermostat which was not one that they were familiar with. Even so, they managed to resolve my issues.

    Installation is very easy. The only problem I had was with a recessed door sensor. They clearly indicate that the recessed door sensors are trickier to install on their site but I decided that I wanted them anyway. I managed to incorrectly install the first, needed to remove it and ended up destroying the sensor in the process but I can only blame myself for that. The sensor has barbs to prevent it from being removed for obvious reasons. FrontPoint was helpful in getting a replacement to me and adding it to my system.

    You can start with a small and basic system if you prefer. Adding sensors down the road is very easy. FrontPoint will help you in adding any ZWave devices that you want to your system.

    The smartphone app and FrontPoint web site are very helpful for setup of your system, arming/disarming, adjusting thermostats, viewing activity and so on.

    The GE Simon XT control panel looked clunky and dated to me but it does the job and its is much more capable than I had assumed simply based onits appearance. I placed ours in a closet and we use the optional touch screen as the “main” panel that we interact with. The touch screen is a bit small but works well for us.

    Their sensors (door/window, glassbreak & smoke/heat) and touch screen use double-sided foam tape. I didn’t care for it on the glassbreak and smoke/heat sensors or the touch screen. I removed the foam tape and had no problems using screws and wall anchors instead to mount them.

  3. These are the reasons we picked Frontpoint Security and the reasons that we have been extremely pleased with them ever since.

    – WIRELESS EQUIPMENT: This means that you can take your equipment with you wherever you go if you move, and more importantly that it can not be dismantled by an intruder simply from cutting the cord, or cutting the power.

    – HIGH-TECH: There are tons of add-ons that you can add to your system including motion sensors, garage door sensors, glass break sensor, flood sensor, heat sensor, freeze sensor, smoke detector, CO2 sensor, etc. etc. and of course the cameras! The equipment is highly discounted with a 1-2-or-3-year contract. They use top-of-the-line equipment and nothing has ever malfunctioned so far (been about 8-9 months)

    – MONITORING: You can log-on online to check your status, history, and arm or disarm your alarm from anywhere. There are also apps for Android & IPhone – maybe for others as well – Blackberry? You can also choose several e-mail addresses or text addresses to be sent alerts whenever someone comes home, disarms the system, opens a door, the motion sensor is activated, etc. It has always been extremely simple, easy, and fun to use.

    – BEST RESPONSE COMPANY: I heard that they use the best response company. We have never had to use them however. The system is very unique in that it sends out a pending alarm first so that when you have a false alarm you have time to disarm it yourself. Needless to say this has happened several times =P but each time we just run and disarm it and do not get charged from anyone for a false alarm!

    I would *NEVER* and I repeat *NEVER* use one of those crappy “security” systems like ADT —- FrontPoint all the way..!! 🙂

  4. Just got my system and it was easy to install. Works well and easy to setup.. the mobile options are great.

    I’ll gripe about these things but I’ll still think they are awesome:

    1) The unit looks ugly.. maybe they can modernize it so it looks more appealing to put in your house?

    2) Stickers are great but can they just send a regular sticker that doesn’t go on a window? I would like to put one on my fence.

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    • Bob – there is not an extra charge. It is included in their monthly monitoring package. When we reviewed them, that was one of the appealing things about them. You can have the most expensive security system around but if it relies on a telephone line and that line is cut, you end up with an expensive noise maker. Thanks, AlarmPro


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