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Looking for Slomins Security Reviews?

Read about Slomins Below.

Slomins Security Reviews – Summary:

Pros –> No upfront cost for security system.
Cons –> Installation by technicians only.

The Slomins standard home security system includes the usual equipment and services such as home monitoring. Professionals provide consultation for and installation of all systems. Slomins was founded in 1923, and began offering home security products and services in 1981. Currently, Slomins is ranked in the top ten in the country by number of customers.

Slomins Security Reviews – Devices:

Each of the security packages offered by Slomins are tailored to the needs of each customer’s home. However, the most touted promotion is the free home security system in exchange for signing a 5-year contract. Most security providers do not use this structure because it offloads too much cost into a monthly payment structure. Instead, security systems are usually paid for upfront, with services like monitoring placed on a monthly payment play, often cancelable any time. Slomins does not offer cancellation without first paying off the security system. However, for customers with no money up-front, purchasing a security system on credit may be the best option.

Standard package devices offered by Slomins include lawn sign and window decals, inside sirens, hardwired security control panels, three door sensors, a motion detector, hard wired video camera, and a control panel keypad. Extras provided standard by Slomins include a battery backup for devices, a telephone jack, pager feature on control panels, telephone seizure and one-year warranty.

Slomins Security Reviews – Monitoring:

Slomins performs monitoring in-house at its UL-approved central station, staffed year-round by highly trained dispatchers. Slomins provides monitoring for all types of home emergencies including intrusion, fire or carbon monoxide, as well as flood and freeze. Home monitoring ensures someone is always ready to dispatch proper emergency services, particularly when a homeowner is unable to call for help or when an intruder is not deterred by the security system. Also, unlike some other providers of home security monitoring, Slomins does not outsource any part of its monitoring services.

Slomins Reviews – Support:

Professional technicians perform installation of security systems by Slomins. Although this could be a clear con for some Slomins customers, for many it’s also helpful because they want reassurance that their security system is functioning properly.

Regarding customer service, customer testimonials indicate Slomins provides has some issues. Representatives are slow to respond, and in general not very versatile in solving a customer problem. Products, according to the BBB, are the greatest source of complaints for Slomins, due to regular failure of parts and batteries. Repair services, in addition, are stretched thin and thus their services may take weeks.

Another common concern focuses on the 5-year agreement offered by Slomins. The term length is so long that if a customer does not like the service, or has to move, a cancellation fee is assessed depending on the number of years remaining on the contract, usually above $1,000. Most security companies require a 1-3 year contract, or no contract at all.

Slomins Security Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

Slomins Security Reviews, 7.7 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

2 thoughts on “Slomins Security Reviews

  1. The previous owners of my house had Slomin’s install a security system in 2009. Shortly thereafter, they began experiencing roof leaks and water damage to ceilings and walls. Mistakenly believing that the 18-year-old roof needed replacing, they spent considerable money replacing the roof and crossed their fingers that the leaks would subside.

    Fast-forward to last month when my wife and I purchased the house. While up in the attic prepping to add additional insulation, I discovered that the Slomin’s installer had chosen to run electrical wiring through the home’s radon mitigation system vent piping. He cut holes into the vent pipe in the basement to slip in the wires, and another hole in the attic to pull them back out. He also managed to disconnect the piping entirely, thereby allowing radon gas to flow freely into my attic, and more importantly, water from the roof vent to dump straight into the walls of my home causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage (drywall, exterior sheathing, framing, siding).

    I called Slomin’s to see if they would work out a solution, and was met with the following proposal: “Have your lawyer contact our lawyers.” I asked the customer service rep to repeat himself to make sure I heard him right. Yep, that’s what he said. You want security? Get a watch dog and a gun. You want thousands of dollars of water damage and dangerous gases entering your home? Contact Slomin’s.

  2. This is a comment on your commitment to existing clients. I had an issue where my front sensor was removed and needed to get a service technician in to replace it. When I called first I was told the earliest I get can an appointment was 1/17. I asked for a supervisor and it was move to 1/10. I called back and got it changed to 1/8.

    I find that for an existing client with a situation which leave them unprotected for a number of days is should be handled with more focus on your clients. I can get an appointment for a sales person same day but not a service person I had thought the cable company was bad with their scheduling but when there is an issue, they are willing to send service people out after normal hours. They realize there is competition out there and want to retain their business.
    You also have competitors out there and I’m betting they can install a new system before you send a technician to fix a small sensor.

    First rule of business is protect your existing revenue. With your philosophy of how you treat existing customers I’m not sure how you are doing that.

    You should read the reviews from the BBB – “Representatives are slow to respond, and in general not very versatile in solving a customer problem. Products, according to the BBB, are the greatest source of complaints for Slomins, due to regular failure of parts and batteries. Repair services, in addition, are stretched thin and thus their services may take weeks”
    I hope you would want to change that attitude as potential customers will read this an choose your competitors.


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