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Looking for Security Systems Inc. Reviews?

Read about Security Systems Below.

Security Systems Reviews – Summary:

Pros –> Offers services in addition to home security.

Cons –> No information about monitoring services on website.

Security Systems Inc. has provided security solutions to commercial and residential customers in Kentucky and Louisiana since 1989. Security Systems prides itself on retaining family ownership throughout the decades of its operation, as well as always available fully-licensed and insured security technicians.

Security Systems is also backed by the Better Business Bureau, National Burglar Fire Alarm Association as well as the National Home Builders Association. Although these accreditations seem elementary, not all security providers come with these stamps of approval. Security Systems Inc. however is not the traditional residential and commercial security provider. Audio system, intercom and central vacuum installation are additional services offered by the company which are rarely provided by competitors. As a result Security Systems Inc. is better suited to the customer either building a new home or largely renovating a pre existing home.

Security Systems Reviews – Devices:

Security products offered by Security Systems Inc include GE devices, hardwire or wireless devices, smoke detectors, entry and exit remotes, motion sensors, glass break sensors, door and window contacts, environmental sensors, and a medical alert system. Video surveillance equipment is available as well, including indoor and outdoor cameras and DVRs to backup data.

Security System Inc. also provides residential audio products and installation, including indoor and outdoor ceiling and wall speakers, surround-sound receivers, multi-channel CD players, digital video recorders and flat screen TVs. Although these devices to not relate to home security, they are a convenience for customers who want to install entertainment devices along with security systems. In addition, and more related to security, Security System Inc installs home intercom systems for piping communication and music throughout the home. Old intercom systems can be retrofitted with updated parts or entirely new systems can be installed. Finally, Security System Inc. also installs central vacuum systems in homes currently in their construction phases.

For seniors Security Systems Inc. provides a Personal Emergency Reporting System.

Security Systems Reviews – Services:

As previously mentioned, Security Systems Inc. offers medical, audio, intercom and home security installation services. However, the usual services offered by security providers in regards to monthly services are either self-monitoring via internet compatible devices, or year-round monitoring by trained staff from a security central facility. Security Systems Inc. offers home monitoring services via its UL-listed monitoring station. Unfortunately no details concerning this aspect of service are provided on the company’s website.

Security Systems Reviews – Support:

The website of Security Systems Inc. is user-friendly and helpful to customers. Members can login to view their accounts and related information, for example. In addition, the website features a standard FAQ page including answers to common warranty, billing and contract questions. Regarding billing, customers may pay by mail or on the Security Systems Inc. website monthly or quarterly. One odd note, however, is the customer testimonials page, which features only one customer quote from 2005. Contacting Security Systems Inc. is simple with their online form or telephone number. The emails of the owner and installation manager are also listed, giving a much more personal feel to this security compared to others.

Security Systems Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

Security Systems Inc. Reviews, 3.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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