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Looking for ASG Security Reviews?

Read about ASG Security Below.

ASG Security Reviews – Summary:

Pros –>Good reputation: high customer satisfaction and retention, detailed website.

Cons –>2-year auto contract renewal, no self-installation.

ASG Security was founded in 2002. Like other security providers established approximately in the last fifteen years, ASG forms its strategy around customer service, which in older security providers tends to be lacking. ASG’s ultimate goal is to “be the customer’s first and best choice for electronic security solutions”. One major advantage of ASG security is the location of its branch offices and customer service operations throughout Texas and the mid-Atlantic.

ASG Security Reviews – Devices:

ASG offers keypads and control panels from Honeywell, First Alert, Napco, Silent Knight, DSC, FireLite and Bosch. For access control Honeywell’s PassPoint Plus system is also used. In general, ASG provides the standard home security devices which protect against intrusion, fire and life safety.

ASG Security Reviews – Monitoring:

ASG offers home security monitoring for intrusion and fire and life safety, which includes carbon monoxide detection. Once the devices are properly installed, ASG simply monitors for activation, confirms the emergency and dispatches the proper authorities.

Like other security companies, ASG provides security systems which are entirely wireless. The primary advantage of wireless security in this case is communication with a dispatcher via the home control panel. However, the range is usually thirty feet or so, and generally only within the same room, so it’s important to buy additional control panels where needed, such as the back entry to a home.

ASG Connect allows the homeowner to view and operate their home security system from any internet-compatible device.

ASG Security Reviews – Support:

The structure of a contract with a security company is an important part of their customer support. In the case of ASG Security, the company offers a standard three-year contract. Most security companies offer two or three-year contracts. The caveat with ASG is that if notice is not provided within 30 days, a contract renewal period of two years automatically begins. Though this is not an unheard of practice regarding contract renewal for a monthly bill, it does leave the customer with less flexibility that competing security providers.

ASG offers online security brochures for each branch of operations: Home Security, Small Business Security, Commercial Security and ASG Datalink. The ASG website also contains pages for each service: home security, home monitoring, burglar alarm, fire and life safety, video surveillance systems, cellular backup and ASG Connect — whether residential or commercial. Each page is thorough and provides the customer a good basis on which to request a consultation. For some customers consultations and professional installations are too expensive or unnecessary, so in this respect ASG does not reach all the customers it could. But ultimately ASG comes out on top, also providing an up-to-date and informative blog. Most security providers either have no blog at all, or one with thin or old content.

Regarding customer literature, ASG offers product manuals for Honeywell, First Alert, Napco, Silent Knight, DSC, FireLite and Bosch keypads and control panels, as well as manuals for their DVR and Honeywell’s PassPoint Plus access control system. The ASG website also contains troubleshooting tips for common security system problems, such as: failure to communicate, power failure, low system battery, and telephone provider changes.

ASG Security Reviews: Home Security Company Reviews.

ASG Security Reviews, 5.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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